Everyone has now been trained to look at maps, we used to hand-draw little diagrams for each other, and now we always see our travel path in perfect accurate scale. But, that’s not how we remember it. We don’t recall or reconstruct our physical travels in linear time or with accurate coordinates. It’s a good metaphor for art. After tracking my location for years now, we tend to travel the same places repeatedly, and occasionally venture outside our normal rhythms.

FRICKbits uses location data from the phone that we down-sample and abstract into line and bits based on frequency of travel. It’s organized (like me) so things keep to a grid. Color palettes are made to feel like the light and color of a city or place. You earn small bits and clusters for the places you go all the time, like home and work. It’s vector based, but we modeled the look after a series of my watercolor pattern portraits.